Meet The Team

Jakub Nagrodzki
Project Leader
After graduating from the IB programme at Worth School, UK, he began reading Medicine at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Currently in his third year of studies, he is doing an intercalated year in Psychology, whilst researching brain mechanisms of addiction in rats self-administering cocaine. Jakub’s other academic interests lie in transplantology, mental health and psychopharmacology. On the non-academic side, he enjoys travelling, gym and disposable-camera photography. Having been part of the team organising Science: Polish Perspectives before and suffering from a chronic need to get involved, he decided to lead the team organising this year’s Congress.

Ania Gruszczyńska
CU PolSoc President and Advisor to the Project Leader
After studying in high schools in three different countries, she decided to become a geography student at the University of Cambridge where she’s currently completing her final year of undergraduate studies. Within her field, she is interested in economic geographies with a focus on labour market and how it is experienced by the Polish diaspora. She also has a weak spot for glaciers and post-glacial landscapes. In her free time she practises and teaches contemporary dance, plays squash, and ensures that the Polish student community at Cambridge has plenty of things to do.
Aleksandra Wittchen
Logistics Officer
After completing her secondary education at Clifton College in Bristol, thanks to the UWC scholarship, Aleksandra began her undergraduate studies at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, where she is now in her final year reading Music. She is mainly interested in Classical and Romantic opera and plans to pursue a degree in singing after graduating from Cambridge. Her other interests include sport (especially squash), foreign languages and Salvador Dalí. Aleksandra is both Logistics Officer of the Congress, as well as Communication Officer of the Cambridge University Polish Society. The vibrant life of the Polish community at the University of Cambridge was the main reason for Aleksandra to want to get involved with organising such a prestigious and important event that the Congress is.
Cezary Łastowski
Finance Officer
Cezary is currently studying towards his MPhil in Finance and Economics and is the Vice President of the Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK. His interests involve around monetary policy and asset management, with the effect of QE on the markets being his particular focus. In his spare time, he plays in the Cambridge University Symphonic Orchestra (CUMSSO) or tries to beat Jesus College squash team. Having been an active member of the Polish community in the UK, Cezary has decided that his last year at university should involve working on one of the most important events in Polish students’ calendars.
Aleksander Musiał
Coordinator of the Cultural Section
Aleksander studies an MPhil course in Classics. He specialises in the appropriation of ancient visual culture in modern times, with particular focus on the modern re-carvings of antiquities in the 18th century. Apart from enjoying the pleasures of living in Cambridge, he spends his free time on swimming sessions and attending theatre performances. Traveling and exploring foreign cultures are his great passions which also constitute an important source of inspiration for further research. His involvement in the Congress as the coordinator of the cultural section originates from his willingness to fill the niche that was present in previous editions and so to render the event stimulating to an even broader audience.
Natalia Narożanska
Speakers Officer
Natalia obtained the Polish Matura at the Gdansk Autonomous High School and she is currently studying Physics with Materials Science within the Natural Sciences course. She is the JCR International Officer at Murray Edwards College, a part of Cambridge University Competition Team in Dancing and External Officer at the CU Polish Society. Academically, she is very passionate about renewable energy and sustainable development. She also has a weak spot for electric cars. During term, she spends her rare moments of free time catching up with sleep, cooking, or working out in the gym. She also enjoys dancing, horseriding, kitesurfing and snowboarding. Natalia joined the Congress team as she wants to contribute to making this event one of the best weekends for Polish Students in the UK.
Jacek Osiński
Speakers Officer
Jacek completed the IB Diploma Programme in Gdynia and subsequently read chemical engineering at the University of Cambridge. He recently began his PhD project, also at Cambridge, in which he uses molecular simulation techniques to study adsorption processes in porous materials (in particular metal-organic frameworks), with applications ranging from hydrogen fuel storage to drug delivery for effective cancer treatments. Outside the academic realm, he is passionate about good food (cooking and eating alike) and addicted to crime fiction. Within the Congress team, he will ensure that all of the speakers arrive in Cambridge on time and have a nice place to stay.
Julia Kozieł
Marketing Officer
Julia is currently pursuing her BSc in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. Her main interests include the brain origins of consciousness and decision-making as well as the concept of determinism so she hopes to explore the field of cognitive neuroscience even further in the following years. Julia is an avid bookworm but has a great appreciation of backpacking, cinema and drawing. She has recently explored the joys of rowing in her college team and her addiction to the sport seems to develop at a very fast pace. Julia coordinated the marketing of another academic conference recently and as she greatly enjoyed the process, she decided to get involved in promoting the 10th Congress of Polish Student Societies as well.
Jasmina O’Shaughnessy
Communications Officer
Jasmina completed the IB programme in Warsaw and is working towards a combined BA in Politics and Sociology. Her Anglo-Polish upbringing allows her to claim a broadly European identity, but she hopes to reconnect with her maternal roots during the Congress. Jasmina has always been an avid traveller and her main form of procrastination at Cambridge is sorting out the details of her next trip. Currently trilingual, she aims to further develop her linguistic skills after finishing her degree. Other interests include music, literature and good food.

Committee Photos: Izabela Kujawiak