Meet The Team



Jakub Domasik
Project Leader
First year Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics student. He obtained Polish Matura in his hometown Włocławek and moved to UK in September 2016. His main academic interests are data science and its application in professional sport, especially football, behavioural economics and politics. In his free time Kuba is a gourmet of craft beer and a fan of classical elegance.
Marcin Arno Wadas
Finance Officer
Final year Accounting and Finance student at Warwick. Sociable and proactive member of Polish Society, currently on a Treasurer post. During the XIth Congress Marcin is responsible for financing and relations with sponsors. Professionally, he is seeking to pursue a corporate finance advisory career with his main interests in mergers and acquisitions. Avid mountaineer, skier and adventurer.
Jacek Kopanski
Strategic Advisor
Aleksandra Starostka
Venues Officer
Ola is currently pursuing her BSc in International Management and is a Vice President of Warwick University Polish Society. Within the Congress team, as a Logistic Officer, she will take care of the quality of the venues for the event. Ola is a keen traveler, with a weak spot for Portugal. As a fan of Frida Kahlo, her dream destination is Mexico. Passionate about Spanish language and culture, she wants to spend her year abroad in Spain. What is more, enthusiastic about the dancing, she occasionally attends ballet and salsa classes.
Adam Ostaszewski
Venues Officer
Adam Ostaszewski is an BSc Economics student at the University of Warwick. A former Head of Logistics of RaszMUN, a winner and a mentor of “Zwolnieni z Teorii” competition. Born and raised in Warsaw with a special place in his heart for this city. He wants to pursue a career in consulting and specialise in audit. In his free time, he enjoys reading, solving puzzles and binge-watching.
Matylda Trocinska
Publicity Officer
Final year Mathematics and Economics student at Warwick. Particularly interested in game theory, combinatorics and behavioral economics. Non-believer in humanities/sciences division. Involved in Warwick University Polish Society as secretary for two years, part of Warwick Enactus Commercial Team, SSLC course representant. Reads anything from financial magazines to Russian classics through psychological books. What she misses most from living in the city is spending hours in the art museums.
Piotr Bogdanski
Speakers Officer
Piotr is a graduate of Batory Highschool in Warsaw. Currently in his 2nd year, he pursues a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics, International Studies and Quantitative Methods. His main area of interest is the application of statistics in the analysis of the political realm, with a special focus on processes of democratization. In his spare time, he enjoys good movies, reading books and going to the gym. He is the current Social Secretary of Warwick Polish Society.
Jan Domagalski
Speakers Officer
Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at the University of Warwick. He is passionate about international development and deeply interested in the Middle Eastern politics. In the free time avid hitchhiker and Arabic learner. He has traveled across Iran and Marocco and sailed through the Baltic Sea and the English Channel. A huge fan of modern architecture and industrial design. Currently working part-time as a Mead Gallery Steward in Warwick Art Centre.
Łukasz Kołodziej
Speakers Officer
Why not? This phrase defines Łukasz Kołodziej, a third year PPE student who sees life for its possibilities rather than its limits. As such, he seized opportunities to network and gain experience abroad. Although he is close to his roots in Poland, he has garnered worthwhile skills in the UK, USA, Belgium and Spain. He longs to help others succeed and he hopes to give others similar opportunities that he had, such as to study abroad. His background in philosophy allows him to see various issues from various angles. Always thinking, he applies academic skills to life and work. Although very ambitious, he has more interests than those which he pursues for his career. Having come from the land of Chopin, he has a passion for music. In addition to skillfully playing piano, he devotes himself to musical outlets, such as participating in the Carolina Choir at UNC Chapel Hill.
Jerzy Gut
Speakers Officer
Jerzy completed IB diploma programme at Ingmar Bergman High School, Warsaw. While pursuing Philosophy, Politics, and Economics degree his main academic interests are US Foreign Policy and European Union policy-making procedures. After graduating this year he wishes to gain experience in public policy services and eventually pursue a Master’s degree in this area. In his free time Jerzy does rowing and writes articles for ‘Młodzi Dwudziestoletni’ digital newspaper.

Kuba Bajda

Speakers Officer
Kuba is a second-year Economics student at the University of Warwick. He is a passionate sports fan, particularly enjoying playing football with his friends and watching Real Madrid matches. He is also a founder and a captain of Warwick Polish Society’s football team. Apart from Economics, Kuba tries to expand his knowledge in astrophysics.


Committee Photos: Jan Domagalski