Discussion Panels


“The role of culture in increasingly polarised society”

According to the recent data, societies across the world are becoming increasingly polarised. The middle ground is disappearing. The middle class is diminishing as the economic inequality is soaring and peoples turn to more radical ideologies and political movements. This panel will focus on the role culture and artists play in the troubled times. The questions such as: whether an artist should be an engaged commentator or an advertent observer of the surrounding reality and could culture be a unifying factor stronger than socio-political divisions will be addressed with a special emphasis.



“The New Silk Road: Tangible opportunity or exaggerated bubble”

The economy panel is aimed to reach an agreement whether The New Silk Road build by China will end up in Poland in the nearest future and what will be the potential consequences upon the Polish economy resulting from such Chinese-Polish cooperation.



“Migration: a demographic opportunity or a threat to internal security?”

The aim of this panel is to understand the impact of migration on the internal situation of Poland, with special attention paid to the recent drastic surge of migrants from Ukraine. The full comprehension of this issue provides a valuable insight into the Polish migration policy prospects for the years to come.



“Can the Visegrad Group and the European Union work independently, but together?”

The international affairs panel is aimed to focus on development opportunities for the countries from the Visegrad Group, the extent they should co-operate with the European Union and the extent they can develop independently, everything in the context of a “two-speed Europe” trend.